Ways to Help

Hello Future is led by a group of career mavericks with decades of experience in storytelling, education and program design. We conducted extensive research both in-field (expressed needs from refugees themselves) and what is currently being implemented by other NGOS before we created Hello Future. The innovation in our work comes from the intuitive combination of successful solutions in education, poverty and gender equality. The genius is in our end-to-end holistic approach; our ultimate success lies within our commitment to be in for the long haul. But we can’t do this without you. All the problems in education have solutions, scaling those solutions is the problem. In the work of Hello Future, we have found a scalable solution and we need your support. 

Donate Today

Hello Future is a registered 501(c)3.

Pledge Your Birthday


It’s easy. Instead of gifts, ask for donations. Pledge your birthday and help change lives. We are huge fan of charity:water and we love their creative ways to celebrate and do good. We borrowed it so we can reach more students as quickly as we can.

Host a


Fundraisers can be held anywhere: your home, the backroom of your favorite bar, or as a picnic. It spreads our mission to new supporters, raises money and everyone leaves inspired. It is a win-win. Neve hosted a fundraiser before? Email us.


Invite Us to Speak


Did you know that it takes a refugee on average 17 years to leave a refugee camp? And that the main obstacle in preventing them from leaving is often finance? We would love to come and speak to your organization or your children’s school about the challenges faced by refugees and the ways we can help.  



If your network includes family foundations, corporate social responsibility teams, women's networks, or grantmakers, please introduce them to Hello Future. While we had great success with our pilot, we cannot solve the global refugee crisis on our own. Our growth needs your support, in all forms, big or small. And if you would like to personally invest, we'd be thrilled to have you as a monthly donor.