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Meet Amena, age 13.

We met Amena the day of our focus group. She came, sat down at the table with the girls and didn't say much. She mostly participated by raising her hand or through a silent and subtle nod. 

Unlike the boys in the group, all the girls are quieter in comparison. The older boys are self-assured, the way young men are. Not only do they possess greater self-confidence, but also a little more knowledge of the online space. 

Access to smart phones and connectivity are skewed towards the young boys. Less likely to own a mobile phone of their own, the young girls must borrow the device from a family member just to keep up

At Hello Future, we seek to unlock the human potential in these young, bright Syrian youth while simultaneously addressing some of the inherent inequities. 

Your generous donation enables girls like Amena to seize upon educational and employment opportunities that will improve their futures and those of their families.