Bridging the Gap.
Digital literacy and information fluency are necessary before refugees can apply for coding, IT, photojournalism or any other skill-cultivating programs. 


For students to graduate and keep their phones, they must: 


Complete each component of the workshop.
Hello Future unlocks this opportunity by teaching Internet literacy utilizing a problem-posing methodology.


Present a student project of their choosing. 
The guiding concept for our curriculum is student-directed learning. Given the inconsistent level of participants’ educational backgrounds, Hello Future will meet them where they are developmentally and build upon the skills they already have.


Demonstrate digital fluency by teaching a core concept to family members. 
Aware of the community-centric qualities of the region, Hello Future encourages its students to share what they've learned. Having participants teach family members adds an exponential multiplier to the number of lives the program reaches, spreading its impact beyond the workshop space.


Hello Future establishes a path forward towards greater self-reliance and empowerment.