impact from our pilot

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Impact for Our Students

21-Century Digital Skills

Trained with core competency in basic information technology and communications skills, the students now have a greater degree of success in coding, IT, photojournalism or any other skill-cultivating programs. 

Life Long Learners

Through engaging with various remote learning apps in the workshop setting, the students are better equipped to continue their education beyond the classroom and to seek out new learning opportunities to improve their skills for decades to come.

Gain Additional Asset for the Family

For each of the students who graduate our program, they get to keep the smart-phone, thereby adding an essential digital asset to the family.

Emotional & Psychosocial Benefits: HOPE

The refugee experience is filled with significant levels of trauma and refugee youth often have to deal with both their own emotional and psychological challenges as well as those of their parents. Add to that being in a strange place, without their friends and the daily routines that make us all comfortable, and it would be easy to feel hopeless. And it is well-documented that hopelessness is an essential ingredient for gangs and radical groups.

Hello Future provides hope -- that key element that controls our emotions and actions today and in the years to come. We help our students see a different future. One that they can dictate. One that includes a better education, well-paying job opportunities and the chance to provide economic independence for their family. Hope is invaluable. Hope turns into optimism about who you are today and who you will become.


Hello Future establishes a path forward towards greater self-reliance and empowerment


impact for host country

Commitment to Where We Work

We create local jobs as part of every session for in-country coordinators, teachers, translators, and teachers’ aides. In addition, the impact of our workshops on refugee teens means that they will be more economically empowered, self-reliant, better educated, feel safer emotionally and physically, and advocate for an open civil society.

Global Impact

Hello Future directly addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our program is mission-compatible with larger humanitarian agencies, making it a plug-and-play companion to larger overall initiatives.

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