2019 Impact Report

“I loved what I learned in Hello Future because it gave me confidence, boldness and self-reliance at an early age.” - Taza, Age 16


Hello Future’s measurement and evaluation metrics were created in partnership with Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. 

To date, our impact includes a 100% program retention rate and an average 91.5% graduation across three classes. Post-session surveys show a 47% increase in positive beliefs about the future, with 50% of the students sharing what they’ve learned with others outside of class. Early results on emotional shifts from despair to hope are also compelling.


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In a self-reported before and after evaluation of the student’s own abilities, we saw an increase in essential categories for positive youth development, including:

97% of students say what they learned in our program will be helpful in getting a better job.


47% increase in positive beliefs about the future


impact for host country


Commitment to Where We Work

We create local jobs as part of every session for in-country coordinators, teachers, translators, and teachers’ aides. In addition, the impact of our workshops on refugee teens means that they will be more economically empowered, self-reliant, better educated, feel safer emotionally and physically, and advocate for an open civil society.


Global Impact


Hello Future directly addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our program is mission-compatible with larger humanitarian agencies, making it a plug-and-play companion to larger overall initiatives.

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