Pilot Program


When/ Where

Summer 2017
Arbat Camp, Sulaymaniyah
Iraqi Kurdistan


5 weeks total
Intensive Phase:
5 days per week, 3 hours per day, 1 week
Student Project Phase:
3 days per week, 3 hours per day, 4 weeks


22 Youth
Age 13-18
12 Girls - 10 Boys


100% Retention
80% Graduated
50 Student waitlist for next session, 85% are girls

Hello Future Pilot

In 2017, we successfully completed our pilot project providing digital literacy skills to young Syrian refugees living in the Barika (Arbat) Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Partnering with STEP, a UK-based NGO, we worked with 22 Syrian youth ranging in age from 13-18. There were 12 girls and 10 boys. Each of them was hungry and eager for something more: opportunities to learn; ways to improve their daily lives and future prospects; each yearning to connect with the world at large and share a bit about themselves and their communities. 


Throughout the 5-week program, our lead instructor Louay, a Syrian refugee from Damascus with a Master's Degree in English, taught the teens various skills that will enable them to seize educational and employment opportunities. Skills we take for granted, but that are life-changing for them.

Driven out of Syria by violence, these youth are at a crossroads in their lives. Will they receive the help they need to become economically independent? Or fall to the perils of poverty and hopelessness? As most of the humanitarian agencies focus their efforts on emergency response, "What's next?" for the refugee is left unanswered. Hello Future is working to ensure refugee youth do not become a lost generation.

Our pilot had a 100% retention rate, a demand for even deeper instruction in the future and a growing wait list for our next session (2019-21). 


Bridging the education gap through mobile technology.  

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Expansion Plans 2019-2021

Building on the success of our 2017 pilot, we will adapt and scale the program for deployment in other parts of Iraqi Kurdistan -- Erbil and Duhok -- in 2019. By 2021, Hello Future can be implemented across the region, including in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Hello Future is designed as a sustainable, scalable, portable and adaptable supplemental education program.

Currently, there are 65.6M refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) forcibly uprooted from war, strife and climate change; the refugee crisis remaps political geography and calls on our own responsibility in this interconnected global society to provide greater human rights advocacy. Well-informed refugees with reliable connections to their home communities experience improved well-being and are less vulnerable to negative influences and exploitation. The potential for Hello Future is unlimited.