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Bustle - Refugee Girls Are the Most Vulnerable

"Often times, girls are first in terms of the elements of vulnerability —sexual harassment, sexual attacks, actual human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child marriage — and often last in opportunity, whether that's literally last in line in terms of being able to eat, or last in line in terms of their ability of their family to send them to school," says Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE.

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OTPYM - The Bracelet Economy

In every crisis country, you will find someone leading refugees in making handicraft in efforts towards building economic independence.

Is this really the best skills to be teaching? Or is it simply the by-product of inherent biases? We need to reexamine how we think about funding nonprofits and what we are willing to support with our dollars; think about how to foster a more equitable society through 21st Century skills and not continue to condemn girls and women in the “pink ghetto.”

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