Our Mission

The invention of the printing press in 1439 revolutionized how information was spread and distributed to the masses. It created an instant economic and social divide. Those who could read had an undeniable advantage over those who could not. In the 1990s, the Internet revolutionized the spread of and access to information again. This time, those who are digitally literate have the edge over others. 

Refugee youth are at a particular disadvantage.

Few humanitarian aid programs are specifically designed for youth, especially teenagers. As a result, they enter the formative years of their lives with little guidance or support. They are literate in the traditional sense, curious and hungry to learn. Yet they do not possess basic digital literacy, a fundamental 21st century skill that has the potential to open up an entirely new world for them.

That’s where Hello Future comes in. We have designed an educational program teaching basic digital literacy to refugee youth with the goal of giving them the skills needed to improve their educational and employment opportunities. 

In addition to essential digital literacy, we help our students channel their energy and emotion into creative outlets. We teach them how to start their own business, how to learn and how to think and problem solve. Essentially, we sneak the vegetables in with the treats.

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