Where we work


Our program is available as a 4-6-8or 12 week curriculum,
Flexible depending on the student’s needs.


We work with refugee youth age 14-18

Refugee Camps in Iraqi Kurdistan

We go to where the need is most acute. Currently, Iraqi Kurdistan is the host country to more than 1.5 million refugees, one in every four is either a refugee or internally displaced. We partner with local NGOs to expedite the implementation of our programs and ensure mindfulness of local culture, customs and politics.

We’ve been working in Arbat Camp which is approximately one hour outside of Sulaymaniyah. We plan to return to the same camp for our F/W 2019 session and expand to other camps in Erbil and Dohuk, followed by Jordan and Lebanon in 2020-2021.

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Accredited Local Instructors

The 4-week on-site workshop is taught in the local language by accredited local instructors. Teachers’ assistants are hired from local universities to help facilitate and give greater attention to each of the students. The assistants also serve as mentors and conduits to the community at large.

Train the Trainer

The students have an opportunity to become a community liaison in the post-workshop follow up, and also work as teachers’ assistants in future sessions. We are building a Train the Trainer program to ensure community buy-in, talent, and scalability.

Gender Equity

We are dedicated to maintaining at least a 1:1 gender parity in our workshops so that there are at least the same number of girls as boys in our workshops.


Expansion Plans 2020-2021

Building on the success of our work, we will adapt and scale the program for deployment in other parts of Iraqi Kurdistan -- Erbil and Duhok -- in 2020. Working with regional partners, Hello Future can be implemented across the region, including in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Hello Future is designed as a sustainable, scalable, portable and adaptable supplemental education program.

Currently, there are 68M refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) forcibly uprooted from war, strife and climate change; the refugee crisis remaps political geography and calls on our own responsibility in this interconnected global society to provide greater human rights advocacy. Well-informed refugees with reliable connections to their home communities experience improved well-being and are less vulnerable to negative influences and exploitation. The potential for Hello Future is unlimited.